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Content Creation Tips for Tour Operators and the importance of building a content factory. with Patrick van Rosendaal (133)

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Content Creation Tips for Tour Operators and the importance of building a content factory. with Patrick van Rosendaal (133)

Content Creation Tips for Tour Operators

Content Creation Tips for Tour Operators

Tourpreneur Patrick van Rosendaal of BE NY joins us today to share content creation tips for tour operators based on his own real-life experiences. He discusses how content plays a crucial role in your tour business.

We discuss whether you should build your business foundations before starting a podcast and reveal the strategies that will attract media attention. Patrick shares the pros and cons of Instagram Reels and Amazon Explore and how to attract an audience from Facebook. Patrick also shares how BE NY adjusted to the events of 2020.

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“Find your niche and keep building that content library.” – Patrick Van Rosendaal

Lessons from real life experience – content tips for tour operators

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This week on Tourpreneur the tour operator podcast:

  • Why it is vital to be a content factory and build a content library.
  • Recognizing what you can’t do and when to outsource.
  • Patrick’s tips for marketing and building relationships with journalists.
  • Why you should add unique elements to your tours.
  • How to price your tours and build your credibility.
  • How to use Facebook to attract an audience for your business.
  • Taking photos using cameras and smartphones.
  • Creating virtual tours on Instagram Reels and Amazon Explore.
  • How building a community of supporters has helped Patrick’s business survive 2020

Who is Patrick Van Rosendaal of BE NY?

Patrick Van Rosendaal is the Founder of BE NY, a tour company offering tours in New York City for Belgians.

Patrick started his career in Finance Marketing before working in the diamond industry and traveling all around the world.

He passed the official tour guide exam to become the first Belgian Licensed Tour Guide in New York City.

Patrick holds a Master of Communication Management and Consumer Marketing from Vlerick Business School.

He is also an official member of the prestigious GANYC tour guide association.

Some of Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “You need to be a content factory because once you’re a content factory, you build a content library, and once you have that big content library you have reference and people will see you as the reference.” – Patrick Van Rosendaal
  • “Everyone is different. Some people like to write, some people like to speak, some people like to take pictures. You have to find your tone of voice..” – Patrick Van Rosendaal

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Patrick Van Rosendaal and BE NY

This episode is sponsored by: Ventrata

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