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Self Guided Tours for Tour Operators- How Does the Questo Self-Guided App Benefit Tour Operators?

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Self Guided Tours for Tour Operators- How Does the Questo Self-Guided App Benefit Tour Operators?

Self Guided Tours for Tour Operators

Intrigued by Self Guided Tours for Tour Operators? Listen in to a conversation between Questo and a Tour Operator who is shopping around for a self-guided tour app.

Much has been written about self-guided tours for tour operators. Is it buzz? Is it hype? Are tour operators making serious revenue out of this or is self-guided yet another shiny object to tempt tour operators away from working on tour business fundamentals?

I’m intrigued and I’m not ashamed to say this is a part of our industry that I don’t really know much about. I experienced a self-guided tour, an audio tour several years ago in London and thoroughly enjoyed it. But I recognize that since 2018, a lot has changed with technology. And a lot of the functionality has advanced somewhat since then.

So it’s in that spirit that I’ve invited onto. today’s show Alex Govoreanu the co-founder and CEO at Questo to discuss self guided tours for Tour Operators. His company offers self-guided city exploration games for travelers and locals. Questo has just raised one and a half million dollars in series A fundraising.

Self Guided Tour Apps for Tour Operators

However, I didn’t just want to have a chat with Alex about self-guided tours for tour operators. When I’m interviewing a guest for the show, I want to know what’s in it for you, the tour operator. . So I invited onto the show, a gentleman I affectionately call Mr. Episode 8. Alan Rust!

Alan Rust is the Chief Experience Officer at America Tour Company. Alan is shopping around for a partner with self-guided technology for tours.

So I thought, you know what, let’s host a genuine, authentic conversation on the podcast. So in today’s show, we can all learn a little bit more about what Questo offers, how Alex sees the world of self-guided tours and what questions does Alan, the tour operator has when he is looking for a partner in which to sell self-guided apps.

And how does he feel Questo stacks up? Alan has spoken to quite a few self-guided providers out there, we will publish a follow up episode with Alan in a few weeks time to hear how he is getting on.

“If I went to the movies, I would have just watched the screen for two hours and it would have been a passive experience.

If I’m in the city, I have to solve something with my wife, with my friends, then it’s an engaging experience. We learn from it.” – Alex Govoreanu Questo

Alex Govoreanu also discusses how his passion for travel, science, puzzle-solving, and a love of mystery helped him to create the app that mixes gaming and travel for the 21st Century traveler.

He reveals the early days of feedback on Questo and how the creators at first didn’t understand its most attractive ‘flexible’ feature and other features they ‘accidentally’ solved.

Alex describes the Questo users looking for more than a cinema experience and how taking on an immersive quest has bigger returns in terms of entertainment and engaging experiences.

He also explains how working with local operators who have excellent knowledge of the cities they operate in were perfect partners for building new quests and expanding the Questo platform.

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This week on Tourpreneur, the podcast for tour operators:

  • How Alex created something for fun but also intuitive for every travel adventurer
  • Why local tour operators should partner with Questo.
  • Why older people are the most prominent ambassadors for the Questo app
  • How the Questo app is used by teachers and workforce team building activities alike
  • Why Questo is a robust travel option for groups in the time of COVID 19
  • Why Alex does not believe in virtual city tours
  • How to pitch your city to be added to the Questo menu

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “The most important thing is to have people finish the quest, not give them some IQ tests in the city.” – Alex Govoreanu
  • “Our main purpose here is to not make people look at the phone. The phone is just an accessory that you have that might enhance your experience.” – Alex Govoreanu
Self Guided Tours for Tour Operators
Quest Founders – Alex Govoreanu ( left)

What is Questo? Who is Alex Govoreanu?

Questo is the leading platform for city exploration games where you solve clues and get a little education as you explore. Hunt for Jack the Ripper in London or partner up with Einstein to explore his hometown of Zurich by taking part in interactive quests to discover new places and learn amazing stories.

Alex Govoreanu is the Founder and CEO of Questo who started life with a love for Lego city building and names the Atlas as his favorite book growing up.

With a mix of imagination and wanderlust, Alex has created an app where we can travel through time and around the world on adventures tailored to any theme you like, whether that is history, cinema, your favorite novel, or famous artist. Questo is now present in over 100 cities worldwide.

Who is America Food Tours?

America Tour Company crafts custom experiences which connect people to the local story of our community.

Alan Rust shares his tour operator journey on today's episode of the Tourpreneur Tour Podcast.
Alan Rust shares his tour operator journey on today’s episode of the Tourpreneur Tour Podcast.

America Tour Company was founded with this mission in mind: connecting people to the local stories of our community. Each and every member of our tour team is passionate and knowledgeable about the places they know best.

Alan Rust, Chief Experience Officer of America Tour Company
Alan Rust, Chief Experience Officer of America Tour Company

‘To accomplish that mission, we provide unique culinary and history tours to help you discover the must-see attractions and the hidden gems in the beautiful United States. Our trusted network of hosts are avid foodies and history buffs who are residents of the local community. They work in partnership with a curated selection of area businesses and artisans to ensure an amazing and memorable experience. All to showcase a premiere and personalized selection of what our local communities have to offer.

Our fun, unique and affordable walking tours lead you through vibrant local districts, while our citywide history and culinary tours include quality transportation as you travel through the area’s unique past and culinary present. Ready to taste your way through local culture in style? Our VIP culinary tours allow you to discover the top locally owned chef creations at restaurants in the hottest districts. Intrigued by history? We bring the past to life through unique sites and stories. Traveling with a group, or have special requests? We offer the convenience of providing a completely customized experience for your group event. No matter what your interests are, we have something for you. We even offer self-guided tours for those who want to venture out on their own.

Furthermore, with America Tour Company, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a level of quality and professionalism unmatched by others. We maintain a company culture that supports our team members so they can provide exceptional service to our guests. Our CEO/Chief Experience Officer, Alan Rust, and co-founder, Dakotah Smith, invite you to explore Midwest America with a custom-crafted tour experience. We’re sure we’ll leave you with some great stories to tell.’

Connect with Alex Govoreanu & Questo:

Exploring the World of Tour Entrepreneurship

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