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Tour Operator Booking Platform Bokun announces major pricing changes plus a new affiliate hub and marketplace.


Tour Operator Booking Platform Bokun announces major pricing changes plus a new affiliate hub and marketplace.


In an email to its customers, tour operator booking platform Bokun today announced major changes to its pricing structure plus two new major additions to its offering – Bokun Affiliate Hub and the Bokun App store.

Hajlti Baldursson, CEO of Bokun announces major changes to Bokun pricing structure.

From when we first started Bókun in Iceland 8 years ago to now becoming a major part of the global experiences landscape, our dream has remained the same.

We want to build a platform connecting, supporting and powering the whole experiences ecosystem.

Hjalti Baldursson
CEO, Bókun

Among the new tech announcements the Tripadvisor-owned Res System sneaked in that it is also ‘making adjustments to pricing offering ‘a reduced service fee on direct bookings and a low monthly subscription fee, starting November 01, 2020, for our existing customers.’ More details will be announced on September 30th.

Bokun currently charge 2.9% on each booking with no monthly fee.

Email [email protected] for details.

Bokun CEO Hjalti Baldursson also revealed two new significant updates. A new Bókun Affiliate Hub the Bokun App Store.

‘We’re connecting operators with the outside world with a few simple clicks on this new platform. We’re giving operators the ability to significantly increase the visibility of their products through third parties.’ he wrote.

In The Bókun App Store – the CEO claimed ‘we’ll be giving operators better access to third party products to grow and enhance their business. This is a major step towards creating a platform to connect, support and power the experiences ecosystem.’

But wait, there’s more. Bokun also teased its customers with more new features to come. ‘While we work towards our dream, we’re also focused on the challenges of our industry today. To address those, we’ll be announcing more innovations in the next few weeks. So please stay tuned!’

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